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Counting on a significant amount of experience acquired over many years of work in the mechanical engineering segment, RIVI Magnetics S.r.l. has become a company of reference in the magnetic clamping systems design, manufacture, and technical support sector.

The Company’s management has always been oriented toward gradual development in a corporate context that seeks the right mix of enthusiasm and skill, accompanied by the seriousness in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Organisational methods and infrastructures conceived to be efficient, the shrewd search for materials and products to be used during the manufacturing activities, the use of computer-assisted design systems, the choice of suppliers and collaborators in tune with the strategies applied, as well as compliance with the most elementary behavioural standards during work and, in particular, in dealings with Customers, have always been the lodestones of the Owners.

The growing number of competitors, the versatility and consistency of performance, together with the flexibility required by the market, have led to the need for a more complete and systematic management tool to guarantee efficient and correct company management, contributing in a decisive manner, to the quality of the product produced, while at the same time ensuring a collaborative attitude that the company intends to adopt towards its main stakeholders.

To set up all-encompassing corporate management systems and promote external communication towards Customers and Suppliers, the Company has implemented a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, recognising in the principles of quality management the support needed to foster the constant growth of customer satisfaction and the increase of the overall company performance.

In brief, RIVI Magnetics S.r.l. wants to base its Quality Policy on the following fundamental points:

Constantly adapting the infrastructure used for the management of design-related activities and the measuring equipment and apparatus used for the manufacture of the products;

– Expanding and consolidating its Customer base to guarantee multiple work opportunities for the Company and, at the same time, ensure effective long-term collaborative relationships and the constant improvement of its overall performance;

– Constantly focusing on the Customers’ needs, so that, by managing the data originating from the trade relationship and the systematic recording of the degree of customer satisfaction with the quality offered, it is possible to pursue the constant improvement of the company’s overall performance;

– Searching for, selecting, and evaluating suppliers to establish actual partnerships with them for the search of optimised solutions for both the Company and the Suppliers, to consistently create value inside the entire supply chain for the benefit of the end Customer;

– Managing the skill base of the Company’s personnel so as to constantly update the knowledge required to guarantee that the Customers’ demands are met in a situation that guarantees the personal and professional satisfaction of the Company’s People;

– Increasing the excellence levels of the Company’s products and related services to reach an increasingly larger number of customers with products that are continuously certified by accredited Bodies;

Pursuing the constant improvement of corporate processes and overall efficiency to guarantee the economic resources required to increase the Company’s opportunities for growth and ensure the well-being of its collaborators;

– Maintaining adequate relations with the Stakeholders identified in the context of the Company’s operations, in particular with the public administration and with the related Supervisory Bodies, so that, always in compliance with the law, there is a continuous improvement of the corporate performance also concerning environmental, occupational health and safety requirements, social responsibility and the development of local resources.

To further what is stated in this document, RIVI Magnetics S.r.l. intends to put in place, apply, and constantly improve its Quality Management System, with reference to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001. The specific goals, in line with the strategic vision expressed herein, the measurable milestones, and the operational plans for the furtherance of the Quality Policy, as well as for the allocation of resources, are defined and updated by the Management and ratified during its regular Quality Management System Review meetings.


Sassuolo, 01 June 2022

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